Energetic Empowerment

From the author: Lisa Decker

For a while now, I have felt compelled to write about my selfdiscovery on personal healing. My clients know that I dabble in a large variety of healing modalities, but there is one thing all the methods I use have in common and that is SELFEMPOWERMENT. I believe we all need to be an active participant in our health and wellness while increasing selfawareness, education, and empowerment.

One of the biggest issues in our health care system today is that
it’s “expert” & “symptom” driven.” We go to the foot doctor,
knee doctor, back doctor, cardiologist, endocrinologist,
oncologist, or psychologist so they can tell us what is
“wrong”. We are taught to focus on the “symptom” and the
“problem” at hand. We must begin to move our focus away
from what’s wrong, and attempt to find what we “can” do and
“are” capable of doing. Our mind, emotions, and daily
decisions have more influence over our physical health than
our medical system appears to believe.

By educating ourselves as to “why” these so-called problems
occur, and by becoming a daily active participant in our health,
we can release ourselves from the victim role. We can once
more rely on ourselves rather than the experts that we are
programmed to believe know more than us.

One could call me an “expert” in my field, but I do not consider
myself an “expert”. My job is to educate and empower each
person with tools to heal, but it’s up to each of us to heal
ourselves. When we truly tune in, listen, take action, and
become self-aware, we are able to unlock our true healing
potential. Everyone needs help, but there is a difference
between receiving assistance and creating dependency. In one
the professional and the client are equals, in the other the
client believes they cannot heal without the professional.

One thing I’ve learned is nobody has actually “fixed” me. I’ve
been educated and given tools in this process, but I’ve had to
listen carefully along the way in order to use them
wisely. Various professionals have guided me to uncover
obstacles that were in my way of healing, but the innate
capacity to heal was always mine. It was eventually my
increased self-awareness and drive that freed me from many of
the limitations I previously believed were not possible to surpass.

My word of advice: Stay clear of any healing professional that
makes a promise that they can “fix” you. I consider it my job
and life purpose to relay this information to people searching
to truly heal, and then get out of the way so they can access
their true power. The goal of a health-care professional should
be to allow for self-healing and self-empowerment so you can
truly begin to depend on yourself rather than any so called
“expert” or “healer”.


What is reality? For most of us our reality is the world in which
we live; it’s our house, our family, our job, our thoughts, our
emotions, basically our daily existence. What we sense and
perceive appears to constitute our reality. But what about
what we can’t sense and perceive? We don’t see gravity, but
does that mean it doesn’t exist?

The reality is, we live in a universe comprised of energy.
Therefore, what we see on the outside may not match what we
are “really” seeing. With the introduction of quantum physics,
it is now believed that all physical matter is actually just
particles vibrating at specific frequencies.

NASA estimates that 68% of our universe is made up of dark
matter. Within the human body, there are trillions of atoms
and if you could expand just one of these to the size of the
earth, the location of the next atom would be as far away as the
moon. This is the space we have between the tissues of our
body alone. Suffice it to say, there is probably much more to
our reality than meets the eye!

We only perceive a fraction of what we can measure with
science. For example dolphins use sonar to map radar
frequencies, whereas we would need technical equipment to
tune into these frequencies; but does that make them any less
real? Ultraviolet light is another example, our human senses
don’t perceive it, but does that make it non-existent? We exist
in a frequency range where we perceive solid physical matter
as our reality, which vibrates at a slow frequency. (1)

Energy can change form but always exists in some form. For
instance, ice is a solid substance with a low vibrational
frequency, but if you melt the ice it becomes water. If the
water is then heated, it changes to steam. Water can evaporate
and become a gas, or condense to form liquid. An example of
this is the morning dew you find on leaves, where the gas in the
air cools down and changes into tiny drops of water. As you
can infer, energy can change forms but always exists in some
form. Particles of ice, water, and steam are identical but
arranged differently, as their vibrational frequencies become
more or less dense.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to explain how our physical
reality is actually just comprised of energy comes from Dr. Joe
Dispenza in his book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”(2)
He asks the following questions:

“Where does the intelligence that keeps our heart beating
come from?”
The autonomic nervous system.

“Where is that system located?”
The brain.

“And within the brain there are specific tissues responsible for
keeping the heart beating that are made up of cells right?”

“What are cells made of?”

“What are molecules made of?”

“What are atoms made of?”
Subatomic particles.

“And what are subatomic particles primarily composed of?“

We can then recognize that we are made up of the same thing
as the rest of the universe. Energy! And this energy is the
same 99.9% “nothing” that constitutes our universe. We may
want to question why we often choose to only focus on the
.00001% of reality that is physical. (2)

Energy medicine in Western society has gone from being relatively obscure to more mainstream as we see wellrespected conventional medicine doctors begin to embrace the energetic model (3). Dr. Mehmet Oz, a surgeon and the director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, stated while speaking on Oprah,

“The next big frontier in medicine – is energy medicine.”

As mainstream western medicine delves into a world of drugs
and surgeries to treat various illnesses and symptoms, energy
medicine attempts to get down to the root source and cause of
the illness, focusing on prevention and self-empowerment. Of
course, Western Medicine has many amazing attributes and
saves lives particularly in traumatic situations. If I’m bleeding
on the side of the road please send me to a doctor or surgeon,
not an acupuncturist!

To comprehend energy medicine, it’s beneficial to have some
understanding of the principles of quantum physics. Quantum
theory has shattered how we previously thought our world
worked. I recognize this next section may be too scientific for
some. If you find this to be the case, feel free to skip to part
three; but if you are skeptical, please read on in order to better
understand how energy functions.

Quantum Theory

Before we delve in to quantum theory it’s important for those
of us without a science background to get some basic
terminology down. Understanding words like vibration,
frequency, resonance and entrainment can be helpful when
beginning to try to understand the world of quantum mechanics.

Vibrations and Frequencies
If you look up the definition of vibration, you will find it is
simply a repetitive movement. For example, if you were to
strum a guitar, the string will vibrate. The number of times it
does so would be the frequency of that vibration. That
frequency will carry a specific sound, and if you change the
frequency you will change the sound. Our brains also interpret
different frequencies of molecular movement. For example,
colors carry different frequencies of light. Physical senses
such as heat and cold carry different frequencies as well.

Vibration and frequency play a role in another important term:
Resonance. According to Gregg Braden, resonance is an
exchange of energy between two or more systems of energy.
An example of this would be if two stringed instruments are
placed on opposite ends of a room, when the lowest string of
one instrument is plucked, the same string on the second
instrument begins to vibrate. Yet nobody touched the string.
It’s responding to waves of energy that travelled across the
room and found resonance with the second string.

One more important concept to consider is entrainment.
Entrainment is an alignment of fields of energy that allow for
the maximum transfer of information. For example if two
elements are vibrating, one at a faster rate and another at a
slower rate, the tendency of the slower vibration to
synchronize and match the faster would be considered entrainment.

Quantum physics and the non-locality principle
There are many fascinating discoveries within the world of
quantum mechanics, one being the non-locality principle. The
non-locality principle demonstrates that one electron can
influence another over any distance and that these particles
once in contact maintain a connection even when separated, so
that the actions of one will always influence the other.
According to Lynne McTaggart, this shatters the foundation of
physics, as matter can no longer be considered separate from
energy. Information from one particle to another doesn’t need
to travel a specific distance, because the space between them is
illusory, as is the language of calling them separate. (1)

What makes the quantum world unique, is that matter on a
subatomic level is so elusive that it is constantly appearing
then disappearing into the quantum field. It travels as a wave
and then is absorbed by matter as a particle (photon). You
can’t take the wave apart to find the photon just like you can’t
take the photon apart to find the wave. It continues to
transform from a particle (matter) to a wave (energy). (2)

So where do these particles go? How can an electron exist as a
wave of probability, then appear as a solid particle, then
disappear and reappear in another location! This amazing
discovery transcends the human concept of space and time.

Entanglement Theory
As the non-locality principle suggests, the universe is very
different than we originally thought. Separate parts are
connected in intimate and immediate ways. Non-locality
occurs due to entanglement whereby particles that interact
with each other become permanently correlated and lose their
individuality and in many ways act as a single entity.

The uncertainty principle or observer effect
Another fascinating principle of quantum physics is that at the
quantum level, the act of observing or measuring something
will disturb or affect the path of the electron or quantum
particle being measured. Therefore, a human can’t actually
observe it without interacting with it and disturbing its
behavior. This is called the uncertainty principle, or the
Heisenberg principle.

What quantum physicists discovered was that when a person
was observing and focusing their attention on a location of one
electron, that electron would appear. In other words, a particle
would not manifest in reality unless we observe it. Some
scientists call this “the collapse of the wave function.” The
moment we look for the electron, there is a point in time and
space when all the probabilities of the electron collapse. Again,
this could mean that “mind” and “matter” can no longer be
considered separate.

String theory
Quantum physics has demonstrated how at the subatomic
level, where matter and energy are no longer separate, the
universe is chaotic and unpredictable. This creates issues for
Einstein’s theory of relativity, which only works in a highly
predictable universe.

In order to unify these principles, physicists had to come up
with something new and introduced string theory. String
theory maintains that protons and electrons are no longer the
smallest particles, and the most fundamental particles aren’t
even particles at all. They are more like strings that vibrate at
different frequencies. These vibrational frequencies then
determine the identity of what type of particle the string might become.

If we choose to incorporate string theory into our view of the
universe, this would mean the entire universe is determined by
vibrational frequencies. It would imply that these frequencies
are in the heart of every atom and particle and once again
prove that there is no difference between matter and energy.

The Integration of Science and Spirituality
If we combine the theories of quantum physics with Eastern philosophies of spirituality, we recognize there is an implicate order within our universe. We participate in nature and are the observer of what we call reality. Each of us is a coproducer of the world we live in. Everything is in a state of emergence. Each of us is a co-producer of the future. We cannot separate the “self” from the “whole”. The observer is the observed. What’s real when you take away the lens of the mind and consciousness?

When we see ourselves as part of the whole and part of our natural world, we overcome the fragmentation we experience.

Quantum physics illustrates the interconnectedness of our
physical universe. Information can be non-locally distributed,
and everything is informationally connected. This validates
the holistic view of the universe and confirms what mystical
systems have intuited since ancient times. The whole
determines the parts, and the parts determine the whole. This
applies to the universe, the human body, and human consciousness.

Experiments with Subtle Energies
Although we cannot fully explain life, we know that electrical
activity is essential for life. According to Dr. Valerie Hunt,
professor emeritus of physiological science at UCLA, in the
physical body there are two primary electrical systems: One is the
alternating electric current of the nervous system. The other is a
more recently discovered electromagnetic system coming from the
atoms and cells. Dr. Hunt describes this as an energy field. (3)

This electromagnetic energy field that is found around an object or
a person allows for energy exchange. This human field absorbs and
throws off energy and can influence matter. Many cultures and
spiritual practices describe this energy field: In China it’s called
Qi, in the Indian yogic tradition Prana, in Hebrew Ki, and in
Christianity The Holy Spirit.

Energy systems may include any combination of these subtle
energies. Dr. Hunt found that changes in light emissions
measured from the chakras and meridians were found to
correspond with energetic shifts following meditation,
acupuncture, qigong and other energetic practices.
Furthermore, electrodes attached to the hands and feet that
assess energy flowing through the meridians and
corresponding organs they feed, were actually found to predict
changes in physical conditions such as disease and emotional pathologies. (3)

Other Studies & Experiments
Dr. William Tiller and his colleagues at Stanford University
created a device that demonstrated the existence of an energy
field not found within the electromagnetic spectrum. This
device was proven to respond to human intention, as the field
exhibited different qualities whether one was thinking positive
or negative thoughts. (4)

Further studies from Princeton University, suggest similarly to
Tiller’s experiment, that thoughts can affect subtle energies. In
field studies using a random event generator they found
consistent deviations from the expected random results in data
when groups become integrated or unified by something of
common interest. For example, during a concert, ritual, prayer,
or group meditation the data exhibited greater order than
random data would. (5)

Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist at Cambridge University,
coined the term, “morphic resonance” with a study of Japanese
monkeys on an island. Researchers had given the monkeys
sweet potatoes on the beach. Some of the monkeys learned to
wash the sweet potatoes to remove sand and grit. Gradually
this habit spread through the troop until a group
consciousness had developed. Once a critical number of
monkeys was reached, this learned behavior instantly spread
across the water to monkeys on a nearby island. Sheldrake
then concluded that there are telepathic type interconnections
between organisms and collective memories within a species.
The theory is that when a critical number of a species achieves
an awareness, this may be communicated through some form
of an energetic field. (6)

How does the quantum model apply to my reality?
The take away here is that everything in our universe is energy
made up of particles vibrating at specific frequencies that exist
only as pure potential. Therefore, if our reality exists as pure
potential, we must ask, are we capable of collapsing into
existence a potential reality we choose? If the quantum field
holds all possibilities that are shaped by our consciousness,
and mind and matter are entangled, one could deduce that our
mind might have a strong influence our universe.

Thoughts, Emotions, and the Law of Attraction

Emotions and Frequencies
Dr. David Hawkins demonstrated that emotions carry a
frequency. He measured the vibrations of human emotions
and created a system for identifying their vibrational
frequencies. Energy oscillating at a low vibration moves slowly,
whereas higher vibration energies oscillate quickly. The chart
on the next page illustrates why someone who is depressed
may sleep or move slowly, whereas someone in a state of joy
may feel energetic and want to dance and sing. (1)

Emotions also have resonance. Thoughts trigger emotions, and
these emotions trigger an energetic frequency, which aligns
with other things on the same energetic frequency, producing a
similar result or experience. This is called the law of attraction
and can be understood by visualizing yourself as a magnet. For
example, let’s say you think you will feel rejected; this may
generate feelings of pain and sadness, which will match you
with experiences that bring more pain, sadness, and rejection.
Until you alter this frequency, you may find you tend to get
more of what you feel.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the
frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help to get
that reality. This is not philosophy, but is based in the
principles of physics.” Albert Einstein

The Law of Attraction
The law of attraction implies like attracts like. If we embrace
the law of attraction, it becomes very important to take a step
back and observe our thoughts. Are you thinking about what
you “want” or what you “don’t want”? The law of attraction
maintains if you complain, this will bring you more situations
to complain about. If you live in gratitude you will receive
more situations to be grateful for. The belief is the universe
reflects and gives back whatever you focus on. We can’t have a
universe according to the quantum model without the mind
entering it. The mind is actually shaping the very universe
being perceived. (1)

How do Emotions Effect the Law of Attraction?
Emotions simply reflect what we are thinking and vice versa.
For instance, when you get bad news, your feelings will change
due to what you are thinking. Become aware of how you are
feeling, and it is a fast way to determine what you are thinking.
You won’t tend to feel good while having negative thoughts just
like you won’t tend to have negative thoughts while feeling
good. If you want to manifest a specific state, notice your
emotional state while you are thinking about what you want to
manifest. When your thoughts and emotions are aligned, you
will have better potential to attract back to you more of what
you hope to accomplish. (1)

Our Electromagnetic Signature
In summary, we create our current state of mind and
communicate with the field through our thoughts and
emotions, which are at their core just energy. All experiences
exist in the quantum field as a possibility, so when we change
our electromagnetic signature (i.e. our thoughts and feelings),
we should find our reality begins to shift in this direction. We
must change our internal environment if we are to alter our
external environment. (1)

How the Past Affects our Energy Patterns
One of the issues that can affect our energy is when we pick up
energies and patterns from others who do not share our core
energetic frequency. We may pick up fear, anxiety, anger, and
resentment from family or past experiences, which can bring
us out of alignment with our true energetic connection. This
imprinting must be cleared if we are to raise our core energetic vibration.

We should also take into consideration the vibration and force
words carry. In the book “The Four Agreements” Don Miguel
Luiz speaks of the importance of words in the Toltec Indian
tradition. It’s through words that we manifest and create our
reality and belief systems. Words can have a powerful effect
on our energy patterns, which is why the first agreement in the
Toltec Indian tradition is “Be Impeccable with your Word”(3).

Our thoughts are made up of words, so it’s important to
recognize whether the words we use to define ourselves and
speak to others are based in a low vibration of fear or a higher
vibration of love. An example of the power words carry is if
you are raised being told you are ugly you may begin to feel
and believe you are ugly. On the other hand, if you are told
throughout your life how beautiful you are, you may begin to
believe this independent of your physical appearance.

How Mind Intent & Visualization Affect Reality
Joe Dispenza, in his book “Placebo,” asks an important
question: Is it possible to heal by thought alone? Without
drugs or surgery? According to Dr. Dispenza, this happens
more often than you might expect. He shares numerous cases
of people who reversed cancer, heart disease and even
Parkinson’s by believing in a Placebo. He also shares stories of
others who have gotten sick and even died after being
misdiagnosed with a fatal illness. Belief can be so strong that
pharmaceutical companies have been forced to use double and
even triple blind studies to exclude the power of the mind over
the body (4).

“What the mind believes the body achieves.”
Our intent and belief systems not only have a strong influence
on what we manifest in our lives, but also influence our
physical body. There have been multiple studies proving this
theory. One study from Ohio University demonstrated that just
sitting still and thinking about exercising can make you twice
as strong. In this experiment people wore surgical casts on
their wrists for a month, but half of them spent 10 minutes a
day focusing their intent on flexing their wrist muscles. When
the casts were removed the people who did the mental
exercises had wrists muscles 50% stronger than those who did
nothing. I’m not implying we should not exercise and only
think about it; however, we must begin to recognize and
respect the integral connection between the body and mind (5).

Don’t look where you don’t want to go
There is a saying: “Don’t look where you don’t want to go.”
However, most of us worry and obsess about what we “don’t”
want in our lives. We work hard to avoid struggle, but the
continued attempts to control our environment actually lead to
more struggle. We perpetuate our “problems” by continuing to
focus on them.

We go into everything with a perceptual bias based on our past
experiences. If we rigidly define things from this place, we may
find we continue to get the same outcomes.

“You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a
different outcome.”

– Albert Einstein

To navigate through life, we create a set of rules to protect
ourselves and stay safe. This is obviously advisable at times;
however, we can make rules we think will protect us, but in
reality they can be detrimental to our growth. At times it might
be beneficial to allow ourselves to head down a road without
knowing the outcome. For most of us this can seem very scary,
but if you immediately judge it’s scary and dangerous, you cut
yourself off from the possibility it could be life transforming. If
you surrender to experience, this is where true change can occur.

Continuing to look at what’s wrong and then look at how
wrong it could go leads to obsessing about our problems. The
real issue here lies in that we can’t stop thinking about our
problems, because the nature of our problems is our thinking
mind! If we can just get present without fear and judgment
from our past experiences and anxiety as to what we might
experience in the future, we have already stepped away from
the struggle. When we stop blaming ourselves and others for
our problems, we already have less of a problem. As Dr.
Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics states, “If you
can step away from the problem and into the solution or
acceptance mindset, you have surrendered rather than trying
to control. This is where fundamental changes can occur.” (6).

So much of our environment is based in fear. In the medical
and therapeutic professions, we treat symptoms and diseases.
We focus on sickness not health. We treat conditions and
problems. We give names to these problems, which further
limits our possibilities and often leads us to feel
disempowered. We must shift our perspective from the
problem set to the solution set. Anything you do when reacting
to an illness, problem, or condition can add energy to that
unwanted state.

We are all co-creators of our reality whether we consciously
choose to be or not. Our world is a sea of possibilities and
solutions. We are the ones that create the rules. If you look at
the theories of physics, then you may be able to adjust possible
outcomes with your mind alone. If the change you intend is
visualized clearly, the belief is strong and the emotional force
behind the intention is focused, the possibilities become
limitless. You stay in the present pool of possibilities that have
the potential to occur. If you can shift the way you see and
experience your reality you can access all possibilities rather
than continuing to perpetuate the one’s you don’t want.

As Dr Richard Bartlett says, “If you look through the eyes of
anyone’s belief system you only see things those perceptions
allow. Ask yourself, what am I “NOT” thinking that could alter
my perspective? If you ask yourself empowering questions
you will generate empowering answers. What you think and
perceive defines the limitations of what you achieve. If you
learn a technique, you enter into a set of rules that conform to
your expectations.” (6)

Changing your life is not a conscious decision. You must trust
and be open to change. You must accept a new outcome. If you
truly want to make changes in your life and don’t necessarily
know what to do, try asking yourself, “If I knew what to do,
what would it be?” Ask questions such as, “What is it I’m not
asking?” For example, if you ask a question in a negative such
as “Why do all my relationships suck”, you will probably get
answers as to why they suck. Just remember, there is always a
choice. The only time we can’t choose is when we “think” we
don’t have a choice.

Energy Medicine as Healthcare

The Physical Body
Just like we have a mental and emotional body, we also live in a
physical body and all three need to be addressed to achieve optimal
health According to Eastern philosophies energy flows through the
body’s fascia, which is a connective tissue that binds together
muscles, organs, and other body tissues. The layer of tissue that
lies directly under the skin is known as the superficial fascia and
this network of tissue allows for physical movement, flexibility,
strength and adaptation.

Tom Myers dissected the fascia of the human body and found that
the superficial fascia helps to keep our structure aligned. The
acupuncture channels of the east appear to correspond with the
fascial systems in the west.

Below are pictures of Tom Myers dissections of the fascial system.
They illustrate the connections from the top of the head to the
bottoms of the feet. When there is a blockage in one part of the
body, you can see how it may have an effect on other parts of the
body along the fascial chain. (2)

We now know that connective tissue has piezoelectric capacities,
which can act like an electrical system. Movement and massage
can enhance this electrical capacity. Through various experiments
it’s now been proven that connective tissue can actually dictate the
flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the body. (3)

Fascia also has an affect on our nervous system. By influencing
tension held in the body, we not only unravel tension in other parts
of the body, but this also effects our emotional state. Yoga, Tai
Chi, Qigong, walking, running, and other forms of movement are
very healthy for the fascia; however, there must be alignment,
balance, and space between the joints of the body for the muscles
and fascia to function optimally. If for example you have had an
injury or surgery, there may be an adhesion within the fascia. As a
result, the energy can become blocked in the body. In these cases,
massage, acupuncture, or other corrective forms of exercise can be
of help to realign the physical body for optimal energy flow. (4)

Pete Egoscue, a highly respected innovator in the field of
postural therapy, states in his book Let’s Lighten Up, “Chronic
pain is a result of a correctable energy deprivation. Your
musculoskeletal system is a plug: ie., a connector to the
universal energy supply. The strength of that connection – the
total volume of the incoming flow of energy – depends on
postural alignment and balance. In other words, energy flow is
determined by the way mass is arranged by structure. The
more balanced you are, the more energy moves with less
friction along the conduit and through the plug. Those who are
fully balanced receive an unrestricted flow of high wavelength
energy and there tend to be fewer obstructions in the body and mind”. (5)

Our “cells” and our physical health
The best healers cannot cure illness and disease unless the
patient lives in accordance with the principles of the natural
world. There cannot be health without proper nutrition,
assimilation, elimination, hydration, oxygenation and rest. Our
natural world makes it difficult to remain healthy, as the
nutrients in our food decline, chemicals invade our
environment, our air quality decreases, we spend less time in
nature, and stress and worry become more prevalent in our society.

Remember earlier when we talked about the implicate order?
The parts and the whole? The physical body is made up of
billions of cells and each of these cells has a purpose or an
action it’s designed to perform. Each of the cells in the body
come together in communities to form organs, which are made
up of groups of cells that have a similar purpose. These cells
not only have an independent action, but also a cell-community
action. For example the liver is composed of millions of cells,
which have a community-mind, which is subject to the control
of the organic mind, and higher yet, the instinctive mind

If cells are forced to revolt and work overtime, some of the
smaller groups can go on strike rebelling against improper
work forced upon them. These rebellions can spread causing
disease if conditions are not restored. (6)

The Energy Body
& how it influences our physical health

According to Eastern medicine each disease state has a hidden
history and contains an energetic support system as well as a
physical manifestation. Each cell of the body produces heat,
light, sound, electricity, and magnetic fields.

In Chinese medicine they believe disease is either caused by
internal or external induction. For a disease state to occur the
disease has to get into the body. For example, the patient may
have been exposed to radiation, pesticides, or chemicals, which
is an example of external induction. It’s also believed a disease
can enter the body when the patient is suppressing emotions
or in some form of denial. Regardless of whether the disease
state is caused by internal or external induction, systems such
as yoga and qigong attempt to use movement, massage,
breathwork, vibration, and mindfulness to break up the cells
and go directly to the source of the energy stagnation or obstruction. (1)

“The ultimate approach to healing will be to remove the
abnormalities at the subtle-energy level which led to the
manifestation of illness in the first place.”

Dr Richard Gerber M.D.

When one of the body’s energy systems is out of balance the
body will constantly try to restore itself. The energy (Qi)
should remain in constant balance and motion throughout the
body; however when the energy is in excess or deficient or if
there is an obstruction or stagnation this will affect the body’s
life force energy and can lead to disease states. Our modern
lives do not make this easy with pollution, processed foods,
excess psychological stressors and artificial electromagnetic
energy. These stress our energy systems and disrupt the
body’s natural homeostasis.

Our body is designed to heal itself. Our medical system has a
tendency to interfere with this, as it embraces an expert driven
model that maintains doctors and healthcare (or sick-care)
professionals know more than we do. It’s imperative we do
not see ourselves as victims. We must have a conscious
involvement in our health to heal. This self-empowerment is
mandatory for true healing to occur.

One way to regain some power over your health is to create a
more positive energetic state, which can be done quite
effectively through meditation. Meditation can take many
forms; and you may often find it associated with spiritual
practices. If you are not religious, don’t let this scare you.
Religion and spirituality are not one and the same.

In meditation and movement practices such as yoga and
qigong, you will often hear the phrase “connect into your
higher healing power.” If one is not religious or spiritual this
can sound intimidating. One way to comprehend the reasoning
for this statement is by understanding that your tissues and
your ego are a product of nature (DNA), and nurture (how you
are raised), but to meditate effectively we must override both.
We must detach from our acquired personality and let go of
any imprinted beliefs. The things we “think we know” are
restricted by our perceptions and the reality we want to enter
needs to reach beyond thought. This will free you from the
mind and connect you to a higher source of energy.

Most of the problems we face originate in consciousness itself.
Thought is a physiological movement. Thoughts shape what
we observe and our perceptions. When we observe and quiet
the mind, we can access deeper levels of reality. Our
perception, awareness, attention, and receptivity uncover the
veils of our mind.

Thought leads to fragmentation away from wholeness, but
when we transcend thought in deep meditation, we begin to
see the wholeness in the implicate order of the universe. We
begin to see our “self” as a part of the whole instead of isolated.

Once you detach from your acquired personality and get out of
the loops of your stories, this releases you from inner chatter.
You enter a quiet state where you can become an observer.
Becoming the observer removes any imprinting and frees us to heal.

Remember that everything consists of light and sound
vibration. Emotions like anger, worry, grief, guilt, and anxiety
decrease your spiritual light and burn up and eat the energy
you are trying to cultivate. Surrender your “ego” and cut
through the veils, protective mechanisms, and defense systems
you have created that are not serving you. Connecting to a
higher “source” of energy will allow you to access your deepest
truth, releasing you from the imprinting of the society in which
you were raised. This will enable you to suspend all your
beliefs and release you from the loops of the stories you have
assumed define you. (2)

Stepping out of the dominance of the egoic mind structure with
its deeply embedded thought patterns leads to inner peace and
serenity. Thoughts are the cause of fragmentation and
incoherence. When we become mindful, we can create new
perception that leads to transformation and transcendence.
From this place we can access the quantum field of infinite
potential. Through our actions and meaningful participation,
we can transform, influence, and change outcomes in a
significant way. Not only do we transform the universe as it
transforms us, but the universe may transform as it returns to
itself in a richer way through our meaningful participation.

In Summary
As you may have inferred, my interest in the science of
quantum physics and energetic principles relates to how we
can incorporate these principles into our daily existence
through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Although quantum
mechanics can be difficult to comprehend, how we apply these
theories is not. We can begin to see quite clearly how these
scientific theories and the practice of meditation and
energetics can have a powerful effect on our health and quality
of life.


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