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Qigong Instruction

​​​​​​Based in the principles of Chinese Medicine, Qigong is a gentle movement - meditation based practice designed to reduce stress, lower hypertension, build stamina, calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and enhance the immune system. These practices are designed to restore posture, mobility, and biomechanics, while clearing the mind. We focus on all three vital aspects of Qigong: POSTURE - BREATH - INTENT. When prescribed correctly these practices will empower you to regain control of your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Qigong at Aligned Fitness

Thursdays 10:30am-11:20am PDT

Join us for this remote subscription-based qigong class.  With your $38 monthly subscription, you can register for weekly qigong classes held on Zoom.  New students can also sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS!  With your subscription, you will also receive access to an online video library that includes previously recorded qigong classes, exercise routines, meditations, and flows.  Just scroll to the bottom of this page to register for classes and access the qigong video library with your current subscription.

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