Initial Appointment Instructions

What Should I Wear For My First Appointment?

It's important that you wear shorts or comfortable pants that can be rolled above the knee to ensure adequate postural photos. It is also recommended that women wear a sport bra or a shirt of a different color that can be tucked in so we can assess the alignment of your hips. Please bring appropriate gym shoes as well.

What do I need for my remote posture therapy session .....

For your remote posture therapy session be sure you have download the Zoom software prior to your appointment: You will need a charged laptop and a good internet connection. It's beneficial to have the laptop on a chair that can be moved around the room. You will receive an email with a Zoom link prior to the session. Once you log into the session, you will be put in a waiting room and will be admitted when your therapist arrives on the call. Be sure to wear shorts or pants that can be rolled over the knee. Optimal postural photos are typically taken without a shirt for men and with a sport bra for women or a shirt of a different color that can be tucked in. Please have appropriate gym shoes available as well. If you know you are using any equipment (blocks, straps, or tower), please have them handy. You should have a quiet space free of distraction that is adequate for corrective exercises. Please be sure you have some wall space available if possible. You may also want a yoga mat or towel if you are not comfortable directly on the floor. Finally, you should have an ottoman or chair handy that you can sit on with your knees at a 90-degree angle.