Pain Free at your PC

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Lisa Decker is a posture advisor for Brightday, a cutting-edge application designed to track your posture while seated at your desk. The Brightly app not only provides tools to achieve optimal alignment during your workday, but also educates you in the process. It’s designed with video stretch breaks with a variety of exercises you can do while seated at your desk. The Brightday app will help you to sit better, stand better and move more!

Try this sample of exercises to keep you Pain Free at your PC:

Sit better – Live better

Here at Aligned Fitness, we are obsessed with the QOR360 chair. Although we strongly believe first and foremost in alignment, mobility, and movement, we recognize that people are often required to sit for extended periods of time. This chair encourages a posture over the sit bones and requires constant rebalancing and muscular work. This continual subtle movement also requires the spinal reflexes to consistently adjust. If it’s not for you, QOR360 offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you require some guidance of how to sit in anatomical alignment, contact Aligned Fitness

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